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Texas Tech University Courses (active) :

Fluid Mechanics (TTU CE 3305) Engineering Fluid Mechanics -- Summer 2017 in Japan (IN PROGRESS)

Practical Computational Hydraulics using R (TTU CE 4333) Companion course for CE 3305 -- Summer 2017 in Japan (IN PROGRESS)

Water Systems Design (TTU CE 3372) Water Systems Design -- Spring 2017

Pollution Prevention Practices by Small Business in Cuba (TTU CE 4333) Special Topic, Winter Intersession 2017-2018

Texas Tech University Courses (dormant) :

Engineering Hydrology (TTU CE 3354) Engineering Hydrology

Surface Water Hydrology (TTU CE 5361) Surface Water Hydrology

Surface Water Modeling (TTU CE 5362) Surface Water Modeling

Special Topic: P4CEE (Python) (TTU CE 4333/5333) Elements of Programming for Civil and Envrionmental Engineers (Python).

Engineering Urban Habitats -- The Costa Rica Model (TTU CE 4333; ME 4300) Special Topics in Costa Rica. Finding, documenting, and creating wild habitats in an urban environment, using extra-urban eco-tourism as an analog.


Developer Profile About me (T.G. Cleveland)

Professional Development Courses :

Engineering Ethics (Texas-Centric)

Basic Hydrology and Hydraulics (circa 2012-2015)

Urban Storm Drain Design (circa 2012-2015)

Watershed Modeling using HEC-HMS (circa 2012-2015)

Research and Development :

An H&H Toolbox A toolbox of web-based hydrology and hydraulics calculators (link to another server)

Software Archive An archive of useful software, both PC and MAC builds. This is kind of a hobby, so I don't provide much support.

National Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management EPA supported center to promote, maintain, and evolve EPANET and SWMM

Document Sharing Workspace A document sharing website for 2-way file transfer on port 80

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